Nicole W. Ziccarelli

Background / Bio

Nicole W. Ziccarelli took office as Westmoreland County District Attorney on January 3, 2022.  She was elected on November 2, 2021 as the first female District Attorney in the county’s history.  Ziccarelli is a graduate of Penn State University and Penn State Dickinson School of Law. 

Responsibilities / Services

To the citizens of Westmoreland County,
The Office of the District Attorney exists to ensure the safety of our community.  We handle roughly 7,000 cases per year.  In every prosecution, our Office fights to protect those who cannot otherwise protect themselves.  Ensuring violent, heinous criminals receive severe consequences for their criminal actions remains our highest priority.
The County of Westmoreland funds our Office.  To reduce the financial burden on our County, we apply for and receive monetary grants at both the State and Federal level.  These grants fund programs, victim services, and employee salaries.

When appropriate, we utilize diversionary programs such as A.R.D., Veterans’ Court, and Drug Court.  These programs focus on physical and mental health treatment for the offender, and give outcomes other than jail if the individual completes the necessary requirements.  In many cases, however, the offender’s conduct and the criminal charges warrant incarceration.  Our Office takes the responsibilities inherent to our jobs seriously.  We fight for serious punishments when warranted. 

I am deeply committed to the safety and security of the residents of Westmoreland County and have a particular focus on the prevention of crime.  As a prosecutor, we are trained and taught to do ‘the right thing for the right reasons.’   It is both an honor and a humbling privilege to serve each of you in this capacity.

Nicole W. Ziccarelli

District Attorney of Westmoreland County