Gina Cerilli Thrasher

Background / Bio

Commissioner Gina Cerilli Thrasher was sworn into office on January 4, 2016. Her roots in Westmoreland County prompted her desire to serve the community that had provided her with many opportunities. She is concerned with caring for the elderly, combating the rise of drug abuse, protecting businesses that exist in the county, attracting new development, and workforce development. 


William Penn instituted the concept of the County Commission in the late 1600s to keep order and peace in the land grant known as Pennsylvania. The duties of commissioners have evolved with the times. Keeping order now includes overseeing a variety of county departments to ensure that they are operating effectively and within their budgets. Keeping peace in the community now involves prison oversight, emergency management decisions, and deterring unlawful behavior through education and community activities. 


Commissioners are elected to lead and keep watch over county offices and their staff. They are charged with the task of fulfilling the needs and enrichment of life in the county community. Commissioner Cerilli is proud to serve the people of Westmoreland County. Please feel free to contact her office with your concerns or suggestions.