Ted Kopas

Background / Bio

Commissioner Ted Kopas first took the oath of office in May 2010. He has focused his efforts on improving services and ending waste. Among his many outside interests, Ted is particularly involved with organizations that help and support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A native of Westmoreland City, he now lives in Hempfield Township with his wife and their five children, Elle, Alex, Quinn, Jack, and Teddy.


It is the responsibility of the county commissioners to provide residents with the best service possible. Commissioners must work every day to find the proper balance between providing often life-sustaining programs and the cost to county taxpayers. It is our responsibility to do so fairly, honestly, and publicly.


With county services ranging from emergency management to human services and from recreation to criminal justice, there is no shortage of important work to be done. Within these wide array of programs commissioners must effectively manage staff, respond to constituents' needs and control costs while never sacrificing service.