Student Internship

County Social Casework Intern

This is a State Civil Service Commission approved training position. The job code is L0618. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Enrollment as a full-time student with junior standing in an accredited undergraduate bachelor’s degree program in;
    • Sociology
    • Social welfare
    • Psychology
    • Gerontology
    • Or other related social sciences
  • Completion of the first semester of the junior year (or 75 credits)
  • Satisfactory completion of 15 credits in one of the major fields of study.
Note: Students who anticipate meeting the minimum requirements at the end of their current semester may apply. Selection for participation in the intern program is conditional upon successful completion of the required education.

If you believe you qualify for this classification and are interested, you should contact the State Civil Service Commission website to determine current availability. You will also need to submit an application supplement #1988-984-2 with your employment application.