Hunting License

Pennsylvania Hunting & Fur-taker License Types and Costs

  • Current year hunting licenses will be available June 20th and are valid through June 30 of the following year.
  • All replacement licenses cost $6.90. (Exception: Youth Mentor Permit Replacement $2.90)
  • Lost Antler-less Deer License - Customer must fill out Pennsylvania game commission form and mail (or come in person) to our office with cash, personal check, or money order payable to county treasurer and a replacement license will be issued immediately. The form can be found here.
  • New! Temporary Federal Duck stamps (eDuck) are now available for purchase in the Treasurer's Office. A temporary eDuck stamp will be printed for the customer at the cost of $28.40 and will be available for both residents and non-residents. The actual Federal Duck Stamp will be mailed to the customer within 45 days of purchase.

General Hunting License

Type of License Ages Cost
Resident Adult Hunting 17 - 64 $20.90
Resident Junior Hunting Mentored Youth Hunting Permit 12 - 16 $6.90
Mentored Youth Hunting Permit Under 12 $2.90
Resident Junior Combo Hunting* 12 - 16 $9.90
Resident Senior Hunting 65+ $13.90
Resident Landowner Hunting
Resident Disabled Vet. Hunting (100% Disabled)
No Charge
Resident Disabled Vet. Hunting (60-99% Disabled)   $2.90 
Nonresident Hunting 17+ $101.90
Nonresident Junior Hunting 12 - 16 $41.90
Nonresident Junior Combo Hunting 12 - 16 $51.90
Nonresident 7-day Small Game Hunting 12+ $31.90
Resident Senior Lifetime Hunting 65+ $51.90
Resident Senior Life Combo Hunting 65+ $101.90

*All combination license types include hunting, fur-taker, archery. and muzzle-loader privileges.

General Fur-taker License

Type of License Ages Cost
Resident Adult Fur-taker 17 - 64 $20.90
Resident Junior Fur-taker 12 - 16 $6.90
Resident Senior Fur-taker 65+ $13.90
Resident Senior Lifetime Fur-taker 65+ $51.90
Resident Disabled Vet. Fur-taker
No Charge
Nonresident Fur-taker 17+ $81.90
Nonresident Junior Fur-taker 12 - 16 $41.90

Other Licenses

Resident License

Type of License Cost
Resident Archery License $16.90
Resident Muzzle-loader License $11.90
Resident Migratory Game Bird License $3.90
Resident Bear License $16.90
Resident Antler-less Deer License $6.90
Resident Surplus License $6.90
Resident Armed Forces License $6.90
Resident Disabled Veteran's License $6.90
Resident Landowner's License $6.90

Nonresident License

Type of License Cost
Nonresident Archery License $26.90
Nonresident Muzzle-loader License $21.90
Nonresident Migratory Game Bird License $6.90
Nonresident Bear License $36.90
Nonresident Antler-less Deer License $26.90
Nonresident Surplus License $26.90
Nonresident Landowner's License $26.90

More Information

For detailed information on specific license types and issuing agents, please contact the State License Division directly at (717) 787-2084.