Long-Term Care and Supportive Living Arrangements

As we grow older, our housing needs sometimes change. When an individual is no longer able to live alone, there are several options, which may meet the need for a supportive living arrangement. Long term care is available in Westmoreland County in several forms.

The links on this page offer options for nursing homes, personal care homes, Domiciliary Care homes and assisted living in Westmoreland county. The Area Agency on Aging does not recommend or endorse any particular facility. It is important that the person who is choosing a place to live visits several likely homes and become educated about the choice being made. The homes vary widely in their atmosphere and should be chosen on the basis of the consumer feeling that all of his or her needs will be met in the most comfortable, at-home like setting. Take a few minutes to read through "Things to Consider When Choosing a Long Term Care Facility".

All consumers of long term care can take advantage of the services of the Ombudsman Program if they have problems or concerns when living in a long term care facility. The Ombudsman serves as a liaison to work with the resident or another person designated by the resident to resolve problems in the chosen arrangement.

Nursing Home Locator These Facilities provide care for persons who require daily nursing care as defined by the regulations for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. To enter a nursing home, it is generally necessary to have an assessment, which indicates that this is the appropriate level of care for the resident. Public funding is available for those unable to pay for this care privately.

Additional Info:
PA Dept of Health Nursing Home Information
US Medicare Nursing Home Compare Tool
Personal Care Home/Assisted Living Personal Care Homes having more than four non-related residents must be licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare. There is a monthly fee which covers everything. Payment for care in the facilities is available by several methods: private pay, supplements available through the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, Veteran's Administration, and Long-Term Care Insurance policies.

Assisted Living Residences are a significant long-term care alternative which combines housing and supportive services. They are designed to allow people to age in place, maintain their independence, and exercise decision-making and personal choice. Currently regulations are being developed for these facilities. A limited amount of assistance with meals and personal care is available. Any additional needs are available at an additional cost. Presently, there is no public assistance with funding for these living arrangements.

Additional Info:
PA Department of Public Welfare
Domiciliary Care Homes These homes provide the same care as personal care homes but are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and usually have fewer than four residents. The residents are followed by an Area Agency on Aging Care Manager who may assist with financial management and other services not normally available in a personal care home. Financial assistance is available in this program for persons who meet eligibility guidelines.
Housing Units Link to housing units available in Westmoreland County.
Not all units are subsidized; some offer other forms of rent reduction.