Project Eligibility

Eligible Projects

Every project must be considered an eligible activity and meet one of the following national objectives:
  1. Principal benefit to low and moderate income persons - at least 51% of the population served by the activity must be low and moderate income according to HUD’s income guidelines.
  2. Prevention or elimination of slums and blight - an activity must be located in an area designated as blighted by the municipality or address a specific condition of blight or decay outside a designated area.

Examples of eligible activities include:
  • Bridge reconstruction
  • Certain economic development activities
  • Demolition, clearance, and environmental remediation of deteriorated structures and blighted areas
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Public services including materials and supplies, salaries, and other such services
  • Recreation
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Storm water facilities
  • Street reconstruction
  • Water and sanitary sewer systems