Individual Support Plan

An ISP will be done annually for all who receive ID services. The ISP takes the place of all other plans that would have been completed on an annual basis (e.g. Plan of Care, Individual Work Program Plan, etc.) The plan incorporates Person Centered Planning Principles and describes the kind of life the individual wants to live, including their dreams, goals and community activities and experiences that would enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

  • An ISP will be reviewed at least annually.
  • 90 days prior to the annual review date of the ISP, the SC will begin collecting information to update the plan.
  • The SC will contact you to schedule a planning meeting.
  • All team members (individual, providers, family, friends, SC) will meet and contribute information to the review of the plan. At the meeting the SC will gather and clarify information for any sections that are unclear, facilitate conversation around individual preferences and facilitate the exploration and development of meaningful outcomes.
  • The SC then enters all of the information for the plan in HCSIS.
  • The plan is reviewed and submitted to the Administrative Entity (BHDS) for approval and authorization. 

Once approved, the plan is distributed to all team members.