BH Services D - F

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Deaf, Deafblind or
Hard of Hearing
Regional behavioral health care providers that have experience working with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The guide can also benefit persons who are deaf or blind; physicians, audiologists, behavioral health care providers and the general public.
Disaster, Crisis, Outreach &
Referral Teams (DCORT)
Trained teams who provide effective assistance to individuals and communities in times of crisis or disaster
Diversion & Stabilization Unit Therapeutic residential facility intended to serve as a step-down from state hospital, local inpatient stays or as a diversion from inpatient hospitalization.
Drop-In Centers Both consumer-run and professionally staffed facilities are available to provide mental health consumers with activities and services to provide emotional support, education and skills training, employment skills and counseling, social skill development and promotion of independent living and empowerment of consumers.
Emergency Services
These are 24-hour emergency related activities after a petition for voluntary or involuntary commitment has been completed. Services include delegate services, emergency psychiatric evaluations, bed searches, and emergency transportation
Facility Based Vocational
Rehabilitation Services
These are pre-vocational training and vocational workshop services for persons preparing for independent or supported employment
Family Based Mental Health Services These are intensive, time limited therapy services provided in the home for children and families by a mental health treatment team. Services are available 24 hours a day and include crisis intervention, case management, and family support services.
Family Satisfaction Team
This team is a division of the Consumer Satisfaction Team that is a family run team who interviews children and family members receiving services from the mental health system. The results are used to help programs refine and improve services as needed.
Family Support Services
These services enable persons with mental illness, and their families, to be maintained at home and independently in the community. Some of the services available are: respite care, and emergency funds, peer / companion and family education and training, recreation/leisure, skills development, and concrete goods and services.