Smoking Policy


Westmoreland County’s interest in expanding its Smoking Policy (adopted May 15, 1989, revised July 16, 1990, and July 10, 1997) is not based on any moral judgment of smoking, nor is it done with specific intent to deny select individuals their personal freedoms. However, in a public building, Westmoreland County has a greater concern, and that is to establish safeguards as deemed in the best interest of employees and the visiting public.

Of primary concern is the health and safety of County employees and the public who utilize the Courthouse and County facilities. In order to address these concerns, under the authority of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Statute (35 P.S. § 1230.1, Clean Indoor Air), we the Board of Commissioners of the County of Westmoreland establish and adopt this revised Smoking Policy.

Effective January 1, 2004, the County Courthouse and Courthouse Annex are hereby designated “Smoke-Free,” meaning smoking is no longer permitted in any indoor areas.

“Smoke-Free” Buildings: This designation pertains to all indoor areas of the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex, including, but not limited to, offices of Elected Officials, Judges’ chambers, other private offices, the Snack Bar, conference rooms and all formerly permitted indoor smoking areas. The “Smoke-Free” designation applies to all County-owned facilities in addition to the Courthouse and Courthouse Annex, including Courthouse Extension, Public Works, Juvenile Center, Public Safety/911 Center and the County Prison.

The exception to this policy is Westmoreland Manor, where smoking is permitted in designated areas outlined in the Manor’s existing policy.

County Vehicles: Smoking is not permitted in any County vehicles transporting the public, including, but not limited to, Manor residents, Juvenile Center residents, and County Prison inmates or work crews.

Outdoor Smoking Areas: Smoking is not permitted directly in front of the Main Entrance of the Courthouse. Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas of Courthouse Square, where ashtrays are stationed.

This Smoking Policy supersedes any and all prior Smoking Policies and is to be obeyed by all County employees and visitors.