Timing Devices

Registration Fee

Beginning January 2000, all weights and measures devices in commercial use in Westmoreland County must be registered with the Westmoreland County Department of Weights and Measures. Each device requires a certain annual fee to be paid. Invoices will be sent to businesses in the early part of each year. The registration fee for timing devices is $14.00 per device with a maximum charge of $100.00 per location.

Rules & Regulations

Extracts from Pennsylvania Consolidated Weights and Measures Act of 155 of 1996, and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology Handbook 44, 2010 Edition.
  • Statement of rates: The price in terms of money per unit or units of time for the service dispensed and the number of coins the device will accept and be activated by at one time, shall be clearly, prominently and conspicuously displayed.
  • Responsibility, money-operated devices: Money-operated devices other than parking meters shall have clearly and conspicuously displayed thereon, or immediately adjacent thereto, adequate information detailing the method for the return of monies paid when the product or service cannot be obtained. This information shall include the name, address and phone number of the local responsible party for the device. This requirement does not apply to devices at locations where employees are present and responsible for resolving any monetary discrepancies for the customer.
  • Repairs and installation notification is the repair person or installer's responsibilities: The Weights and Measures Office must be notified within 48 hours of installation of new equipment or repairs to existing equipment. After notification, the owner(s) may use the device for a period not to exceed 15 days while waiting for Weights and Measures inspection of the device.
  • Helpful reminder to device owners / managers: If you find your device is not working properly, it is your duty to have it repaired then, not just when a Weights and Measures inspector rejects it. If you cannot make the necessary adjustments yourself, then you should secure the assistance of a reputable repair service.