Drug, Alcohol & Weapon Policy



No employee, client, or visitor shall bring onto County property (excluding County Parks for alcoholic beverages) intoxicants, including alcoholic beverages, controlled substances without a physician’s prescription or drug-related paraphernalia. Any individual bringing such onto County property shall have the drugs and/or alcohol removed from his/her possession. Individuals who are on county premises and are under the influence or exhibit behavior of being under the influence, shall be removed from the premises and may be subject to charges being filed against his person. In addition, employees who bring drugs and/or alcohol onto County premises or report for work under the influence shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Weapons of any kind including guns, knives, and explosives, are strictly prohibited on County property. Individuals found in possession of any weapon shall have the weapon confiscated by the County Security Personnel. Depending on the nature of the weapon and a license to carry, the weapon may be returned to the individual upon his exiting County property. Charges will be filed against any individual found in possession of an illegal weapon or who lacks a license to carry a legal weapon.

County employees who are found in possession of weapons, excluding those employees who are required by the nature of their job to carry a firearm, shall be subject to disciplinary action and charges shall be filed where appropriate.

Non County employees who are required to carry a firearm due to the nature of their job shall be subject to Ordinance 2-19-89.

Policy Adoption

Adopted 9th day
Of May, 1996

By Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners
Original on file in Chief Clerks Office.