Supplemental / Voluntary

Other Supplemental Benefits

Name Contact Information Note
Ameritus Ph: (800) 745-9995 457 Deferred Compensation
Mazzitti & Sullivan Ph: (800) 543-5080 Help for employees and family members dealing with problems. In most cases, the program is available to full-time, part-time, and immediate family members (defined as: spouse, dependent children, college students still covered by a parent's insurance).

This benefit provides face-to-face sessions with a professional therapist. The number of sessions is generally dependent on the contract. We can clarify that for you when you call or contact Human Resources Department.
Nationwide Ph: (866) 229-2377 Ext. 1288 457 Deferred Compensation
Ph: (800) 892-5558 Ext. 88237 457
Deferred Compensation