Continued Coverage for Dependents
As a new employee of Westmoreland County, we want to inform you that under federal law (COBRA) you and your dependents can elect to continue health care coverage at group rates if you are terminated for any reason other than gross misconduct, or your hours are reduced.

Under this law it is your responsibility to:
  • Inform the Human Resources Office immediately if you become divorced, legally separated, or your dependent child becomes ineligible for coverage under your plan.
  • Elect to continue coverage within sixty (60) days of the eligibility date.

Employees who are divorced or legally separated should provide the Human Resources Department with the most current address of the divorced or legally separated spouse so that notification may be sent to the proper address.

If you become divorced or legally separated, continued coverage will be offered to your former spouse and dependents. If you become eligible for Medicare or if you die, continued coverage will be offered to your surviving spouse and dependents. If your dependent child reaches the maximum eligibility age under your plan, continued coverage will be offered at group rates.

More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Office.