Westmoreland Link Network

The Westmoreland Link Network has joined with both Indiana and Armstrong county Links to form a regionalized service area under the PA Department of Aging. Its mission is to simplify and streamline access to long-term living services and support those over 60 and adults with disabilities and their families, who are seeking services and making long-term living decisions. Pennsylvania Link Network

This is a collaborative effort among local agencies and organizations and is focused on services that presently exist, eliminating the need to spend monies on new and additional programming.

Assistance provided by the Westmoreland County Link Network is free. We will assist you in evaluating what funding options may be available regarding any service provider who may charge for their service.


The Link Network of Westmoreland County can address many of the frustrations consumers and their families experience when trying to find needed information, services, and supports. Through coordination of existing aging and disability agencies, the Link can raise visibility about the full range of options that are available, provide objective information, advice, counseling and assistance, empower people to make informed decisions about their long-term care supports, and help people more easily access public and private long-term supports and services programs.

To Begin the Process

  • Call or email any of the agencies listed on this webpage as Core or Collaborative Partners and they will evaluate the services necessary to help retain your independence.
  • The agency will make connections with the most effective support for your situation.
  • Once the proper agency has been contacted, assistance will be provided with necessary applications and objective counseling.