Westmoreland Heritage Trail

Ride or walk through history along the Westmoreland Heritage Trail! Approximately 9 miles of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail are completed and open from Saltsburg to Delmont. An additional 9.2 miles from Lincoln Avenue in Export to B-Y Park in Trafford are open and ready to use. The trail chapter’s long term goal is acquire and construct a twenty-two mile hiking and bicycling trail from Saltsburg to Trafford. Click here to view the trail map!

For information dedicated to trail news, updates, events, and more, visit the Westmoreland Heritage Trail Chapter's official website: www.westmorelandheritagetrail.com

Monday March 8, 2021: Starting at 7:00 AM the subcontractor working on sewer lines will have to temporally close down the trail behind Hoss’s Steak House and Walnut Hollow.   Expected duration 1 Day.

Tuesday March 9, 2021: Starting at 7:00 AM the subcontractor will have to temporally close down the trail behind United Medical Products (behind Tedesco Body Shop, Tarr Hollow Road).
  Expected duration 1 Day.

More work is expected to commence in the next 2 weeks and during this time we will have Daily Trail Closures behind Hoss's. Please avoid these areas on the dates noted.

From approximately October, 2020 through March 2021, portions of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail in Murrysville will be undergoing construction work by contractors doing improvements to the sewer line of the FTMSA. Work includes tree clearing, pruning, clearing access routes, and mobilization of equipment. The trail will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists on some days.
Caution is urged for trail users when encountering construction equipment, open trenches, and construction activities. For these months, it is advised that the public visit other sections of the WHT outside of this construction zone.


Attention Cyclists and Walkers:

Please obey all traffic signs when crossing roadways. Stop signs are not optional, and bicyclists must obey all signals on the Trail.

According to state law, while motorists must yield to cyclists or pedestrians who are already in the crosswalk, those cyclists and pedestrians are required to yield the right-of-way “to all intersecting traffic that may be close enough to constitute a hazard during the time when you are moving across or within the intersection or junction of roadways.”

The Municipality of Murrysville will be issuing citations to bicyclists not stopping at stop signs; please exercise caution when crossing all roadway intersections along the Trail.

The trail is ideal for walking, jogging, bicycling, and cross-country skiing. The trail has a wide, flat handicapped accessible surface and will accommodate everyone regardless of age or physical ability (view the Regional Trail Corporation Mobility Device Policy).

Just a note: if you are using the WHT from Murrysville to Trafford, please park in designated trail parking areas (Roberts Trail Access/Duff Park in Murrysville, Saunders Station Area in Monroeville, and BY Park in Trafford). DO NOT PARK in parking lots owned by private businesses. Thank you for your cooperation!

About Us

The Westmoreland Heritage Trail Chapter is a volunteer organization and is associated with the Regional Trail Corporation, a non-profit entity which promotes the conversion of railroad right-of-ways into trails within Westmoreland, Allegheny and Fayette Counties. By becoming a member of the chapter, you can help us make this trail a reality!

Download the WHT Map and Membership Brochure

If you’re interested in purchasing a bench in memory of a loved one, or if you’d like to advertise on a mile post along the trail, please visit the official Westmoreland Heritage Trail website by clicking here!