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GISThe Westmoreland County Department of Geographic Information Systems helps Westmoreland County to fulfill a statutory requirement that all taxable property needs to be mapped to aid in the tax assessment process.  Using cutting age technology, Westmoreland GIS is able to provide a layout of properties, at and below the surface, both in the past and present.  This information is made available in a variety of formats to the paying and public requestors via the GIS Tax Mapping website and a secure file transfer site.

New GIS Tax Mapping Site with No Subscription Fees
Monday, November 18, 2013, Westmoreland County launched a new GIS Tax Map Parcel ApplicationThose who pay for subscriber access will no longer be charged for added features beginning on the first of November.  Other subscription services that Westmoreland County offers will not be affected.

The new version of the GIS Tax Map Parcel Application has increased functionality and a subscription will no longer be necessary to search by address or view deeds.  However, a subscription to Westmoreland County's E-Services will still be required to access Name and Property Assessment Cards.

Feel free to email any questions, comments or concerns.

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