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Parks Horizons Plan

Peach Plaza Skate and Action Park  Boundless Playground   Franklin Dog Park

The Park Horizons Plans is a comprehensive park, recreation, and open space plan for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Take a look at the seven sections of the plan below:

March For Parks 
The Plan, Parks Horizons, was conceived to:
  • Identify the major issues and problems facing the County now and in the future.
  • Define a long-term vision for the County’s various park, recreation and open space opportunities.
  • Formulate policies and strategies to guide the planning, development and integration of the County’s park, recreation and open space resources.
  • Establish a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the various recreation and open space providers.
  • Define and prioritize short-term and long-term implementation strategies.

The Westmoreland County Commissioners, in 1998, recognized the need to study the county’s recreation and open space opportunities. The commissioners authorized the county’s Bureau of Parks and Recreation to form a thirty-one person Steering Committee composed of county residents and to initiate a county-wide Comprehensive Park, Recreation, and Open Space Plan. The plan was funded in part by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and was created with the help of Environmental Planning and Design, LLC.

In 1999, the Westmoreland County Bureau of Parks and Recreation completed a survey mailed to 10% of households in Westmoreland County and received a very favorable 17.1% return rate. The results indicated that the vast majority of county residents want more family oriented programs offered at multiple park sites. The responses also indicated that new monies should be pursued to develop new recreation and leisure oriented programs. Documenting many of these recommendations from the survey, the Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners adopted the Parks Horizons Master Plan in 2000.
 Keeping Westmoreland County Green

In 2013, Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation will create another survey, asking County residents what they would most like to see added to our park system, what programs they would like Westmoreland County Parks to sponsor, among other questions. Like before, we will use the survey results to formulate a future plan that will expand and enhance our County parks. Stay tuned for more information!

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