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Secretarial Letter
- This letter, from the Secretary of the PUC, spells out the PUC's role in the Act and provides for a public docket related to the Act.
Tentative Implementation Order - This tentative document sets out the role of the PUC in implementing and administering the Act.
PUC Frequently Asked Questions - An FAQ document published by the PUC.
Conference Committee Report HB 1950 - This report from the Conference Committee provides a decent synopsis of the Act.


Request for Review of Ordinance
- This form is to be used by a party who is aggrieved by a local ordinance.
Request for Advisory Opinion - This form is to be use by municipalities to request and advisory opinion from the PUC as to the conformance of a proposed local ordinance with the Act.
Municipality Approved Budget Report - This form is to be used by municipalities receiving funds to ensure they don't exceed 50% of the municipal approved budget.
Unconventional Well Fund Usage Report - This form is to be used by municipalities to complete their annual report on the usage of funds as required by the Act.