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Jeannette: The City and Westmoreland Community Action are partnering to construct up to 25 new housing units on a 2 block area of South 6th Street. The project involves homeownership at a total cost of $7 million. HOME funding is $3.7 million. (photos - before and after)  City of Jeannette Revitalization   City of jeannette Revitalization
Scottdale L.P.: 32 units - estimate of $8.5 million - $2.7 HOME funding. Developer is Homes Build Hope, Inc. Scottdale Court   Scottdale Court Interior
South Greengate Commons Housing, L.P., Hempfield: 45 unit senior rental - $10.4 million - $1.2 HOME funding. Developer is Ralph Falbo, Inc. of Pittsburgh.   South Greengate Commons  South Greengate Commons