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Business Calling Program
Thumbnail images of business peopleBusiness Retention & Expansion
Sometimes the biggest challenge for small business is not in identifying available help, but rather knowing where to go for that assistance. Working through the system to get the support without interrupting business operations can be just as difficult.

Through the Business Calling Program operated by the WCIDC, manufacturers have an advocate whose business is to know how to leverage resources to encourage growth. Working with the Westmoreland affiliates, this free business assistance program can address hiring, training, marketing, financing, and other expansion needs.

Westmoreland Affiliates
The WCIDC is supported by a strong network of agencies. The coordinated efforts of these agencies provide a streamlined approach to economic development, namely business retention and expansion.

Program Accomplishments 
  • Using local WIB funds, incumbent workers received customized CNC training
  • Local plants identified new technologies to reduce waste and to lower energy costs with PennTAP's recommendations
  • Companies hired, prescreened, and received paid training for new employees through the PA Careerlink
  • Local expansions were made easier with state financing and incentives packaged through the Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland (EGC)
  • Investments in new product development were paired with a research and development partnership of Innovation Works and costs associated with implementing new technology were partially funded through a grant
  • Lean manufacturing principles were shared with member companies of the Kennametal Center for Operational Excellence (COE)
  • Interceded on behalf of companies to resolve state and federal regulatory issues

Learn more on specific business assistance programs that are available to you.

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