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Westmoreland County Company Spotlight
   Cleaveland Price Logo  

What does Westmoreland County’s Cleaveland/Price, a switch engineering and manufacturing firm, have in common with Google, Amazon, and Disney? They are all companies that started in a home and grew into major success stories!

Cleaveland/Price’s story began in 1975 when Westinghouse employee Charles Cleaveland began manufacturing renewal parts for discontinued Westinghouse switches in the basement of his North Huntingdon home. In 1976 Cleaveland parted ways with Westinghouse to focus on Cleaveland/Price, and with five kids his mother was worried. Cleaveland’s mom wouldn’t need to worry for long. In 1980 Cleaveland's business moved out of his home and into its new headquarters 12 miles away in Trafford. 

Westinghouse Letter
1975 Westinghouse Letter
Westinghouse informed customers Cleaveland/Price would be supplying renewal parts for discontinued switches.

From that first building built in 1980, Cleaveland/Price would undergo an expansion almost every five years. The entire headquarters now spans an impressive 200,000 square feet and houses everything from machines that make all the parts used on site to two clean rooms for assembling their newest products. They now have 250 employees.

Cleaveland Price Expansion Drawing
Cleaveland/Price's Expansions

This year, Cleaveland/Price started construction on a 38,000 SF warehouse. When asked if he knew he would eventually need all 17 acres when he first bought the property back in August of 1979, Cleaveland explains, “No, I had to buy it all or nothing.” Good thing he did, because Cleaveland is not done expanding.

  Cleaveland Price Warehouse
New 38,000 SF Warehouse

So, what is the secret to building a successful business? For Cleaveland, his company’s philosophy has never changed. “It is employees first, customers second and profit third. “One of the reasons we are successful is the relationship we have with our employees” Cleaveland explains. Cleaveland understands happy employees are productive, and to achieve that happiness factor his company is creative and goes beyond the norm. Just some examples, one dollar lunches on Wednesdays and just last year an Open House took place to celebrate the company’s most recent plant expansion. Not only was this a celebration for the company, but it also a way for employees to share with family and friends what they do and how their work fits into the organization.

The second part of Cleaveland/Price’s successful equation is making sure there are “no unhappy customers.” “The first thing we do is establish a relationship with the customer. If they have a problem, we solve it,” said Cleaveland. This ideology has led to the development of many products at Cleaveland/Price. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of outdoor group operated switches, along with switch control motor operators, and all are manufactured on site.


As for profits, business is good. Cleaveland/Price carries no debt and is always investing in new products through their research and development work. “We have 20 engineers working on new products and making sure we have a superior product,” explains Cleaveland. Those products are shipped all over the United States and some are exported internationally.

One last piece of advice Cleaveland has for continual success, “I would encourage other companies to focus on improving their relations with employees which will result in better productivity.”

You can visit the Cleaveland/Price website for more information on the company.