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Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation
Jurisdiction & Court Procedures
Acceptance of Charge
Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation accepts delinquent juvenile complaints. Police, schools, parents, citizens, juvenile probation officers, district judges, and other courts may file complaints through the Intake Unit at Juvenile Probation by calling (724) 830-4200.

A delinquent act means an act designated a crime under the state of Pennsylvania, or another state if the act occurred in that state, or under federal law, or under local ordinances. It shall not include the crime of murder and various other serious felony offenses described in the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act.

A juvenile is any individual who is under 18 years of age or under 21 years of age who committed a criminal act before reaching the age of 18.

Court Hearing
Hearings are held at the Probation Department by a Juvenile Court Master and at the Westmoreland County Courthouse before a Family Court judge.