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Judge Bononi swears in new members of Mt Pleasant Youth Commission
Juvenile Probation
Addie Beighley, Chief Probation Officer
Adeline Beighley
Chief Juvenile
Probation Officer
Norm Mueller
Norm Mueller
Deputy Chief Juvenile 
Probation Officer 
Kristine Demnovich, Juvenile Probation Supervisor 
Kristine Demnovich
Juvenile Probation
Richard Billy, Juvenile Probation Supervisor
Richard Billy
Juvenile Probation Supervisor
Tracy Cremonese, Juvenile Probation Supervisor
Tracy Cremonese
Juvenile Probation Supervisor 
New Kensington-Arnold Youth Commission volunteers seek to put youths 'on right track'
By serving on the New Kensington-Arnold Youth Commission, Aaron Moore hopes to provide troubled children with the father figure he lacked growing up. Read on...
Now Introducing PTSD Coach!
PTSD Coach is a new mobile friendly app that can help you manage and track your symptoms! It provides reliable information and is easy and convenient to use. PTSD Coach is latest technology that can help you today, to manage the stressors of tomorrow. Additional Info...
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Adeline Beighley
Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

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