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Photo, Nicholas Raymond
Photo, Nicholas Raymond

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PA Legislature

House Bill 1694  PA law requires the reporting only of Schedule II controlled substances. In addition, there is currently no legal provision for access to Prescription Monitoring Program data by non-law enforcement personnel. House Bill 1694, sponsored by Rep. Baker of Bradford and Tioga counties, would establish a drug monitoring program or Pharmaceutical Accountability Monitoring System. Learn more about the bill here. Status: being considered in the Judiciary committee.

Senate Bill 1180 Sen. Vance of Cumberland and York counties has introduced legislation which would create a prescription drug monitoring program in the Commonwealth to expand upon the types of drugs already monitored and increase access for pharmacists and health care practitioners with prescriptive rights. The bill has been updated to provide for: prescription drug monitoring, creating the Prescription Drug Monitoring ABC-MAP Board; establishing the Achieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions Program; and providing for unlawful acts and penalties. Update: Signed by the Senate October 16, 2014.

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