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Drug Overdose Task Force
Our Mission
The Westmoreland County Overdose Task Force is a multi-year project to identify the root causes and find solutions that will dramatically reduce the number of overdose deaths in our community.

GET INformed about the Task Forces' work, local naloxone trainings, community events, and the latest news about overdose prevention issues on the GET IN website.

Westmoreland County is experiencing drug overdose deaths at epidemic proportions.

The number of overdose deaths has climbed steadily since 2002, increasing 290% during that period. Overdoses—both from prescription and illegal drugs-- have been the leading cause of death among accidents and suicides in Westmoreland County in seven of the last eight years. There have been record overdose death numbers for four years in a row. The county recorded 86 overdose deaths last year. This is a serious public health problem that affects all citizens in one way or another.

Contact DOTF Director Tim Phillips at 724-834-1260, ext. 134 or 
 True or False TRUE OR FALSE?
  • Young people are dying in droves in the drug epidemic.
  • Heroin is causing the most deaths.                       
  • The problem is predominantly in "bad neighborhoods" or "worst towns"
  • I don't know anyone personally who has died or ODed.  The problem doesn't affect me.
If you guessed the above statements as true, read the surprising facts:
10 Drug Myths of Westmoreland County Brochure

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GetIn website  GET IN, Westmoreland, and get INformed about how the drug overdose epidemic affects you and your community and get INvolved in stopping deaths from drug abuse.  Visit our website, facebook, and twitter.

View photos and resources on the overdose epidemic here.

 projectlazarus.org Find information on Project Lazarus here.
See Fred Brason's slides from his Dec. 3 presentation at WCCC here.  

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