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Pre-Sentence Investigations
Pre-Sentence Investigations, Pre-Trial, Compliance Conferences, Sentencing Guidelines, East/West Minimum Supervision
Name/Title Location Phone Email
Eric Alwine
Pre-Sentence Supervisor
Compliance Officer
Janice DeFloria
Probation Officer II
Pre-Sentence Investigator (724)830-3374
Mike Yawitz
Probation Officer II
Pre-Trial Officer (724)830-3700
Wynn Hamm
Probation Officer I
Pre-Sentence Investigator  (724)830-6241   
Shana Kovatch
Probation Officer I
West-Minimum Supervision  (724)850-3972 
Michele Chishko
Probation Officer I
East-Minimum Supervision (724)830-3371 
Lee Ann Hoak
Probation Officer Aide 
Pre-Sentence  (724)850-4713   
Kelly Waters
Probation Officer Aide
Sentencing Guidelines (724)830-3717