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ECC  Electronics Claims Capture
ECM  Electronics Claims Management
ECRR Enhanced Community Residential Rehabilitation
EI  Early Intervention.  Entitlement Program for children from birth to age 5 which targets deficits in the area of cognitive development (includes vision and hearing, communication development, social-emotional and adaptive development.
EIN  Employee Identification Number
EMC Electronic Media Claims
EMG.SVC  Emergency Service. Refers to activities available at any hour of the day or night to individuals in need of immediate intervention because of a personal crisis or because of problematic behavior.
EPSDT  Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis & Treatment.  Program for children on Medical Assistance which includes health care 
ER Emergency Room
ERISA  Employee Retirement Income Security Act, 1974 
ES  Emotional Support
ETOH  Ethyl Alcohol
ES Emotional Support