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C&Y Children and Youth 
C&E Consultation Education/Community Services:  Refers to programs and activities made available by any staff member to community or human service agencies, professional personnel and the general public concerning mental illness or mental retardation, in order to increase general awareness or knowledge about these disabilities or how to prevent them.
CAO County Assistance Office.  Determines eligibility for Medicaid 
CASSP Child & Adolescent Service System Program.  Implemented on the Federal, State and local level to develop a system of care for youth experiencing serious emotional problems or are at risk for doing so.  Key focus is to bring family and child-serving systems together to create resources/supports for children in their own family/community.
CAU County Administrative Unit
CCR/POMS Consolidated Community Reporting/Performance Outcome Measurement.  Reporting system that gathers client-specific demographic information, and services rendered for individuals in the MH/MR system.
CCRS Consolidated Community Reporting System
CCU Centralized Case Management Unit
CCYA  County Children & Youth Agency
CDC Child Development Center
Community Employment and Employment Related Services (Competitive Employment, transitional training, mobile work forces, enclave placement & follow-up services) 
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
C/FST  Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team
CHADD  Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
CHILDLINE  Hotline; accepts calls about abuse or neglect.  Also a state registry for indicated/founded perpetrators of abuse 
C/HIPP  Community/Hospital Integration Project Program  
CI  Crisis Intervention.  Services which include:  telephone crisis, walk-in crisis, mobile crisis, medical mobile crisis team and crisis residential. 
CIS  Client Information System
CISC  Children in Substitute Care
CLA Community Living Arrangements.  Community residential services for persons with mental retardation 
CLC Community Living Care, Inc.  Provider of residential services
CLIA  Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment
Case Management.  Services include:  intake into the public MH system, development of service plan, referrals and monitoring to specialized MH services and generic services, coordination with out-of-home placements including state hospitals, supportive case management for MH has three levels:
1.  Administrative Management (Formerly Service Management)
2.  Resource Coordination.
3.  Intensive Case Management.

Case management for persons with MR are termed:

1.  Case management.
2.  Targeted Case Management.
3.  Title XIX Case Management.
4.  Early Intervention Case Management.

CMHC  Community Mental Health Center
CMS Center for Medicaid Services.  Federal Regulatory Agency 
COB  Coordination of Benefits
CPN Community Psychiatric Nursing
CPS Child Protective Services - ACT 151 
CQI Continuous Quality Improvement 
CR Crisis Residential
CRCS Capitation Rate Calculation Sheet 
CRD/LIC  Credentials/License
CRF Consumer Registry File
CRNP Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner
CRR  Community Residential Rehabilitation.  Living accommodations, personal assistance, psycho and social rehabilitation to individuals with serious mental illness  
CSI Consumer Satisfaction Instruments
CSP Community Support Program.  An organized network of MH professionals, social service agencies, family members, consumers and community members who help to plan & develop the services needed for consumers to live as independently as possible.
CST  Consumer Satisfaction Team