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Additional Information
Special Event Permit
A Special Event Application is required for any group or organization wanting to have an event at our County Parks, such as a Walk-A-Thon, Bike-A-Thon, Dog Show, etc. Any group that exceeds the capacity of the park by 50% or requires the use of park areas and facilities beyond normal operating procedures must obtain a Special Event Permit. Groups and organizations may be required to pay additional fees and/or provide additional facilities or services.  All Special Event applications are subject to approval by Parks staff. Download the Special Event application for all rules and regulations.

Special Use and Equipment Rental Permit
You must obtain a Special Use Permit for any of the items listed below. You can purchase a Special Use and Equipment Rental permit with your pavilion reservation at least 4 days in advance of your rental date.
  • Speaker Systems 
  • D.J.s and Bands
  • Beer wagons
  • Tents or canopies
  • Pig roasts
  • Recreation Equipment (Horseshoes, Volleyball & Net, etc.)

Limited recreation equipment such as volleyball, horseshoes, boccie and shuffleboard are available at certain pavilions. Equipment must be rented at least 4 days in advance with your pavilion reservation. Call (724) 830-3950 for availability. Download the Special Use & Equipment Rental application for all rules and regulations.

Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding ceremonies can be held at any pavilion or Activity Center, or at the following facilities: Cedar Creek Park Amphitheater, Mammoth Park Island, Mammoth Park Overlook, Northmoreland Park Amphitheater, Twin Lakes Park Island Stage (with Activity Center rental). Download the Stage Rental Application for all rules and regulations.

Activity Centers

Year-round, indoor, heated and air-conditioned Activity Centers with kitchens and restroom facilities are available at Twin Lakes, Northmoreland and Cedar Creek parks. These indoor centers are ideal for business meetings, workshops, dinners, parties, bridal showers, Christmas parties, etc. For seating capacity and prices, please view the Current Rental Fees page.

Athletic Fields
Softball, baseball, and soccer fields are available to groups who have pavilion reservations and are also available for seasonal team practice or games. Download the Seasonal Field Application for all rules and regulations.

Garbage & Litter Removal
Park Maintenance will provide groups with reservations plastic garbage bags to collect their litter for deposit into the dumpsters. Garbage barrels are not provided at the pavilion sites. Park visitors are required to deposit their garbage and litter in the dumpsters, located in the parking areas close to the pavilions. 

The parking of vehicles is only permitted in the designated parking areas. The loading and unloading of vehicles is only permitted where there is a direct access road to the pavilion and only under the guidance of the park police or park maintenance staff. Every attempt will be made to assist you to get the handicapped and elderly members of your group to the facilities, weather permitting.

The bureau provides a variety of signage throughout the parks and posts reservation lists on the Main Park Bulletin boards and the Park Maintenance Centers to direct people to their park sites. We also provide brochures and maps you can reproduce for directional purposes. We try to keep signage to a minimum to preserve the natural beauty of the parks. No signage outside of your rented area is allowed.

Staples and nails are prohibited. Confetti or "silly string" are not permitted in our County Parks. Please use tape, string or "stick-em" to fasten table coverings or to decorate pavilions.

If you encounter any problems while in the parks, please call the Park Police non-emergency number at (724) 830-3567 or contact the park maintenance personnel. For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.