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Proceedings, Standards, Victim Notification
Proceeding Standards 
  1. Commissions shall schedule the time, date, and place of the proceeding/meeting and notify the juvenile and his/her parent/guardian in writing at least ten days in advance.
  2. Commissions shall contact victim, if applicable, according to “Instructions for Victim Notification”.
  3. The chairperson shall introduce all persons present at the beginning of the meeting and explain the purpose of the commission.
  4. Charges shall be read and explained to the juvenile and parents/guardian.
  5. The “Rights” form shall be explained and signed by the juvenile and his/her parents/or guardians.
  6. The juvenile/parents/guardian shall then present their description of the incident.
  7. No person shall be present at the proceeding other than those directly involved.
  8. The chairperson shall maintain control of the proceeding at all times.
  9. After all the facts have been heard and deliberated; a disposition of the case is made. Copies shall be given to the juvenile and his/her parents/guardians.
  10. Copies of all forms shall be mailed within two weeks to the

Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation Department,
3771 South Grande Blvd,
Greensburg, Pa 15601.

The Juvenile Probation Department maintains all files.

Instructions for Victim Notification 

  1. Upon receipt of the Youth Commission referral and prior to notification of the juvenile and his/her parent or guardian of the proceeding, the Youth Commission secretary should send the victim: Victim input letter, The victim impart form, self-addressed stamped envelope, and a Youth Commission brochure
  2. Give a date certain for the information to be returned. Ten days is reasonable.
  3. While you may use the information given by the victim to guide you in creating a disposition, use your discretion in creating an appropriate and meaningful disposition for the offender.
  4. If the victim wishes for the information that was submitted to remain confidential, please do not reveal the contents of the victim impact statement or allow the offender to view the victim impact statement.
  5. Allow the offender to complete his or her version of how they have repaired the harm before completing the Youth Commission section of how the harm has been repaired.
  6.  Attach the completed victim impact form to the Successful Discharge form OR to the Termination form and return to Mike Sturnick, Probation Supervisor, Office of Juvenile Probation, 2771 S. Grande Blvd., Greensburg, PA 15601.
  7.  Mail victim notification letter to victim upon conclusion of case.


      • Defiant Trespass
          • Retail Theft
          • Disorderly Conduct
          • Ordinance Violation
          • Simple Assault
          • Terroristic Threats
          • Harassment by Communication/Stalking
          • Receiving Stolen Property