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New Members, Local YC Officers
Appointment of New Members
All members must be residents of Westmoreland County. All prospective members must supply to the Probation Office a written recommendation by a mayor, police chief, township supervisor, or Magisterial District Judge. The members shall be of good character and community standing. After obtaining the letter, the Juvenile Probation Office will complete a criminal history check. The prospective member will be required to obtain a Child Abuse Clearance on their own and the cost will be reimbursed to the member. Once that is forwarded to the Probation Office, a scheduled time will be arranged to be sworn in as a commission member by either a Juvenile Court Judge or a local Magisterial District Judge.

Local Youth Commission Officers
Each commission will be chaired by a chairperson chosen by commission members. Other offices include vice-chairperson and secretary. Elections will be held every year and the results are to be forwarded to the Juvenile Probation Department in writing.

All members will be expected to avail themselves for meetings and proceedings scheduled by the chairperson.

Chairperson: The chairperson shall preside over all proceedings and meetings of the youth commission. There shall be a member appointed to conduct proceedings/meetings in the absence of both the chairperson and vice-chairperson.

Vice-Chairperson: The vice-chairperson shall perform all duties of the chairperson during his/her absence and shall assist the chairperson as required.

Secretary: The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings and proceedings and a record of the members’ attendance at the meetings. The secretary shall notify all persons involved in the proceedings (parents, youth, police). The secretary shall be responsible for all records of the local youth commission and receive and answer all correspondence pertaining to the commission. The secretary must forward all appropriate forms to the Probation Department from the proceedings within two weeks. The forms include: copy of the complaint, regulations form, and victim forms. The costs of stamps will be reimbursed. For reimbursement, the secretary must send the Probation Department the receipt for postage along with their social security number.

The chairperson shall appoint another member as acting secretary in the event the secretary is absent from the proceeding.

Holding/Running For Public Office
  1. It is not appropriate or acceptable for a current youth commission member to remain active with their local youth commission if they are running for public office or currently holding a public office position.
  2. Anyone choosing to run for public office must take a leave of absence upon filing their petition.
  3. Anyone that holds a public office must resign from the youth commission.
  4. If numbers 2 or 3 apply, a letter must be submitted to the probation supervisor.
If absent from the youth commission for six months or longer, updated clearances will be needed.