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Program Objectives
The purpose of the Youth Commission is to allow communities the opportunity to help young people involved with the Court to solve problems within their own communities. It is believed that the Youth Commission can provide in the community a local diversionary program that would more closely supervise a young person than any agency could utilize through one central office. The youth commission is comprised of dedicated community volunteers who provide better opportunities for learning, readjusting, and conforming to the laws of our society. It is also charged with helping the youth take responsibility for his/her actions and repair the harm caused to the victims and/or community. It has been our experience that the commission does show objectivity when listening to what the youth has to say and is able to put aside their personal feelings in arriving at a disposition that makes certain there is substantial justice between society and the troubled youth.

There is an understanding between the juvenile and the commission. The commission does not have the authority of the Court, but under the Juvenile Act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Section 6323: Informal Adjustment.