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Boating and Fishing

Bridgeport, Chestnut Ridge and Acme Dams are prime areas for fishing, boating and hunting. The following rules and regulations apply to these County parks:


Boat launches are available at both Chestnut Ridge and Bridgeport Dam County Parks. These are the only two County Park lakes where private boat launching is permitted.

1.    Boats propelled by battery-powered electric motors and non-mechanically propelled boats, subject to the
    following restrictions on sailboats and inflatables, may be used.

 2.    Sailboats over 14 feet in length are not permitted.

 3.    All individuals are bound by the Fishing and Boating regulations and the Fish and Boat Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as though the same were inserted wherein.

 4.    Inflatable boats used on County lakes shall be at least 7 feet in length, made of durable corded fabric, reinforced with cloth and coated and have at least 2 separate chambers, excluding an inflatable flooring or bottom.

 5.    Boats using County lakes must be registered and display the official registration number and current validation stickers required by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

 6.    Float Tubes:

    1. A float tube is a device constructed to provide stable floatation and a level ride to a single angler in a manner that minimizes the possibility of a capsize. The float tube shall consist of a bladder system made of heavy gauge rubber or rubber impregnated support fabric. The bladder shall be covered with a durable fabric shell which provides a seat for the user and two legholes. A secondary bladder in the form of a backrest or similar component shall be included with a float tube to provide additional emergency floatation.
    2. It is unlawful to use a float tube or similar device on county lakes and water areas other than a float tube as defined in sub-section (a).
    3. It is unlawful to use a float tube on county lakes and water areas unless the user is properly wearing a coast guard approved personal floatation device at all times while using the float tube on the water.
    4. It is unlawful to propel float tubes on county lakes and water areas by motors or other mechanical propulsion of any type.
    5. It is unlawful to use a float tube on county lakes and water areas except for the purpose of lawful public fishing.
    6. Float tubes shall be used under this regulation only on lakes designated by the County. These lakes shall be Acme Dam at Chestnut Ridge and Bridgeport Dam at Bridgeport County Park.


 7.    No person shall bathe, swim, or wade in any lake, pond, stream or body of water in any County owned property except that wading for the purpose of fishing will be permitted at both Chestnut Ridge and Bridgeport Dam County Parks.

 8.    Boating shall be permitted during the daylight hours 7:00 am to dusk only.

 9.    All individuals are bound by all Bureau of Parks and Recreation Rules and Ordinances as though the same were inserted herein.


Acme Dam (located in Chestnut Ridge County Park) provides an excellent panfish fishery. Yellow perch, bluegill, pumpkin seed, black crappie and brown bullheads are found in good numbers. Largemouth bass are also abundant.

Bridgeport Dam is managed by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission to provide fishing for small-mouth bass, bluegill, white crappie, channel catfish, perch and muskie.