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Paid Subscription Service
In order to better serve the professional community that requires more timely and greater detail from county databases, Westmoreland County is making web-based access available under its current fee-based access subscription service. The subscribed portion of this website is similar to the free public searches but provides greater functionality and more current data availability.

This service is provided as a convenience to the professional community to save time and costs normally associated with obtaining this type of data.

Become a Subscriber
Subscribe to this service. Once the form is submitted, more information will be sent in addition to the required contracts for signature.

The subscriber selects a parcel(s) from the map and uses the extract tool that provides a hyperlink to download the data. The GIS parcel data is downloaded as a zip file. In addition, the parcels contain the assessment attribute data. Subscribers will be billed the current authorized rates for the downloaded parcel data which currently is $1.05 per parcel polygon for government and nonprofit organizations and $2.55 per parcel polygon for private organizations. For higher volume needs, subscribers will need to contact the GIS Department of Westmoreland County.

The fee for the subscription service is $25 per month and includes a signed, one year contract which will automatically renew each year unless cancelled within 30 days of the renewal date. All contracts automatically renew November 30 of each year. The $25 monthly fee allows access to all our public systems with 50 minutes of access time per month. Access time exceeding the 50 minutes will be billed at $.50 per minute.

Access to GIS
Access to the enhanced GIS tax mapping website is available for a $15 additional subscription surcharge. This enhanced GIS subscription will not be billed by the minute, thereby giving unlimited access time to the GIS data.

Regular Data Updates
As more data layers are added to the website they will be automatically made available. In some cases, if those layers are made available for downloading additional charges may apply. If additional charges do apply, subscribers of this service will be notified. More details will be provided at a later date.