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Commissioner Courtney's Community Blog

Welcome to my Community Blog!  I hope you enjoy this opportunity to hear from me about Westmoreland County topics of interest.  Feel free to comment on the blog or contact me or my staff privately at the contact information below.  Thank you for your interest and feedback.

Tyler Courtney, Commissioner
Kristin Malie, Chief of Staff
Kristina A. Rugh, Administrative Aide

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Aug 29

Commissioner Courtney Seeking Senior Volunteers for their Experience and Expertise

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 4:03 PM by Commissioner Courtney

Attention all Senior Citizens looking to give back to their community and have a voice in the conversation about the Senior Citizen Services available in Westmoreland County!

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Aug 01

Did you know that YOU had a right to know?

Posted on August 1, 2014 at 2:57 PM by Commissioner Courtney

  Did you know that you had a right to know?

The Right-To-Know law was signed in 2008 and took effect January 1, 2009.  Westmoreland County has many ways in which citizens can access their right to know...

Before submitting  Records Request Form, please note that the law allows citizens open access to records about the operations and running of the County; court records are not included (Clerk of Courts, Register of Wills, Prothonotary, etc.)  You should also check to see if the information you seek is available through the county's existing Public Record Searches

The State of PA’s open records website provides the detailed information regarding the law.  An excerpt of that information is below:

WHAT IS COVERED BY THE LAW: Records, not Questions

Make sure when you file a RTK request, you are seeking records and not just asking questions. The law governs release of records, not answering questions.

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May 19

911 Emergency Telephone System Reauthorization and Reform

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 9:42 AM by Commissioner Courtney

Counties have established reauthorization and reform of the 911 emergency telephone system as the top county legislative priority in 2014.  The 911 system faces significant challenges to meet rapidly changing technology requirements, a funding stream whose failure to keep pace with the need requires counties to rely both heavily and increasingly on the property tax, and the June 30, 2014, sunset of one key funding source, the wireless telephone surcharge.”

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