Licenses & Permits

  1. Ball Field Reservation

    Get the ball field you need reserved,

  2. Boat Registration

    Find out more about boat registration here.

  3. Bingo License

    Get information on bingo licenses here.

  4. Dog License

    Get your pet licensed with the information here.

  5. Fishing License

    Get your license before your next fishing trip.

  6. Games of Chance

    Make sure you're properly licensed for games of chance.

  7. Firearms Permit

    Find out more about getting gun permits.

  8. Hunting / Furtaker

    Get the latest on hunting license information.

  9. Hunting / Pistol

    Find out more about hunting and pistol licenses.

  10. Marriage License

  11. Pavilion Rental

    Get the pavilion you need rented on time.

  12. Weights & Measures Device License

    Get the latest on weights and measures device licenses.