Clerk of Courts

 The Westmoreland County Clerk of Courts office is responsible for maintaining the records and dockets for the Court of Common Pleas. It is the mission of the Clerk of Courts to secure and maintain accurate and up-to-date information on all criminal and juvenile proceedings. Our office provides prompt and courteous service to the courts, public, legal community, and media sources in the recording and retrieval of all records placed in our trust. The Clerk of Courts office is also responsible for collecting fines, costs, and restitution, with our main goal being to restore restitution to the victims of crime.

The Clerk of Courts office is an integral part of the Criminal Justice System. The office is dedicated to pursuing the highest standards of public services through the authority and resources made available by law and by the governing body of our jurisdiction.

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    Protecting Confidential Information - New Court Policy

    Effective January 6, 2018, a new public access policy governing case records of Pennsylvania appellate and trial courts takes effect. The policy governs access to case records by the public and provides guidelines for information that must be protected. Additional Info...
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    Attention Crime Victims

    Bryan L. Kline, your Clerk of Courts is looking for crime victims who did not update their address with the Clerk of Courts Office. View victim list
  3. Seal PA House of Representatives

    House Judiciary Committee Testimony

    On May 5th 2014, Bryan Kline testified at a House Judiciary Committee Hearing as a participate of the Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force. He was appointed to this task force by the governor in 2011. Read on...
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