Energy Stimulus Grant

During 2010 Westmoreland County IT was able to replace 750 older style CRT monitors under a Federal Energy Stimulus grant which was applied for and was approved. Also included as part of that grant was some funds to replace some of the traditional PCs with energy efficient virtual devices. Together, the virtual devices and new monitors were implemented as a package. This will reduce energy consumption by over 75% while improving manageability of the client devices which also translates into dollar savings.

Estimated energy dollar savings from the CRT replacement is around $56,000 per year. Over a five-year period this project is expected to save our taxpayers close to $300,000 in addition to the $142,000 saved in capital costs during 2010. The total savings through this grant is expected to result in over $442,000 in savings over a five-year period. In addition to the dollar savings this project is improving our going green effort by reducing our consumption of energy so it is not only helping our community, but also helping our county.