Infrastructure Improvements

Information Systems Infrastructure Improvements

During 2010 the Westmoreland County Information Systems Department continued to make significant improvements in its server infrastructure that included disk upgrades to the SANs storage that supports the windows servers, iSeries platform upgrades, additions to its IBM Blade Server technology, and additional upgrading of network switches. The IBM BladeCenter H, which is a high availability unit along with and IBM 5300 SANs disk storage system, was installed to handle the growing technology needs of Westmoreland County.

The county continued its server consolidation strategy and has migrated the majority of the older servers to the new consolidated IBM Blade Server infrastructure running VMWare, has virtualized the majority of these servers, and has begun virtualizing client systems as well utilizing PANO logic devices. The goal of Information Systems is to virtualize everything that makes sense to virtualize. These improvements are providing the technology required by the county departments to carry out their daily tasks and provide our citizens access to information they are looking for through the county website.

Saving Through Efficiency

In addition, the virtualization projects are saving our taxpayers money, helping our environment by reducing the energy consumed, and enhancing the IT department’s ability to manage the technology infrastructure. Scheduled for 2011 are additional upgrades to network technology including the Core Network Switch and the IBM iSeries in addition to the implementation of 300 additional Virtual client devices.